Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goodbye Hello

This little found sheep...

Lost her Bo Peep!
And I'll tell you where to find her...

Look for the witch
that little snitch!
Wagging her green pumpkin behind her.

I lost a bit of my enthusiasm for Halloween costumes this year. I've quickly learned Halloween is not the hill to die on. After hours of preparation or sewing and endless anticipation of some darling costume I've spent gaggles of cash on, it all disintegrates the moment one child decides they don't like the way a certain seam or collar "itches" or "feels sticky" or "looks like a boy!". We spend the last moments before trick-or-treating begins screaming from the bathroom in a cloud of hairspray and glitter, just before taking the notorious 'kid crying in their costume' picture. No thank you. I'm done with that.

Early this month Lily decided she wanted a re-do of Little Bo Peep (see last time here  - my babies!). Given that everything else she had previously pleaded for from the Halloween store was some skankified version of a pirate, I was thrilled.

However, last minute she decided to be a witch. (See last time of that one here - my babies!). Okay, whatever you say!

But be warned and weapon-up ladies, I am prepared to battle over Christmas dresses.

And did you notice this amazedaze pumpkin carving job?!!

It's my abstract interpretation of the depths of Halloween horror. Just a big hole. Deep. Isn't it? I just put my hands on the solid pumpkin, closed my eyes and just allowed myself to feeeEEeel.
I went within to my most terrified moments of watching 60 minutes presentation on Charles Manson.
HeEEEeelter SkeeeEElllter, 
then I began carving.

And this is what I ended up with.

Okay kidding, the carved witch inside fell through, and we ran out of candles and this giant red monstrosity had to do.

Goodbye Halloween.....Hello Thanksgiving!!
 (and minor amounts of Christmas music!)

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Ashley said...

It was good to see you on Halloween:) Your girls are beautiful just like their mama! Let me know about lunch....