Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's a......

Summer '11

It was during our July vacation at Tahoe when the panic set it.


I looked at my chubby infant and way. No flipping way. I just had a baby. Like literally, this latest babe emerged from my innards yesterday...i swear!...oh shizniz...

I basically ruined the relaxation of the rest of the trip by coaxing Tyler to return back to the store for one more test. I know it's early so let's keep on checking. I really think I might be pregnant.

There is no way, he'd say. You're acting too crazy lately...I'm betting the old P is going to show up within the hour.

The not-knowing was the most torturous. I can handle anything, as long as I just know.

Then it came to me as I was sitting on the beach. A name.

A boy's name. 

It was lovely and hearty and exactly what I could envision for my son.

My son....?!!!!

I looked over at Tyler and said, 
"Ya know, I think I could actually be really okay with this. I could be genuinely, immediately stoked. You realize this could be our boy? I want to name him {insert awesome name}. What do you think?

He sat looking out at the water under the blanket of warm sunshine and smiled, I like it.

Instantly, visions of vintage Davy Crockett posters adorning a boy's bedroom flashed through my mind. The Boy Scout motto. Little boy hair cuts and ballgames...all of it. This could be just perfect. Regardless of the {entirely too close} proximity of my last pregnancy, and the fact that I despise most courses of action in which my hands haven't been directly and consciously molding/shaping/obsessively planning....this is just dandy. We've always wanted four. Better now than later! And if we get our boy, wham bam thank you ma'am: kitchen closed. This uterus has had it! We're done!

It all made so much sense, lying there on the beach.



















Another GIRL!!!!!

{More thoughts to come...but believe me when i ironic as it may seem....we couldn't be happier. 
Life is so good. And funny.}


Joan said...

I. Am. Stunned. Joan rendered speechless?! Impossible! I am DYING about the fact that you are having another girl! I love it, Rae! Four. FOUR GIRLS?!?! I will giggle if I have a fourth son. It will just up our chances that much more that at least one of our children will marry. Let me offer you and T a hearty and joyful: Congratulations!

The Mrs. said...

It is so cool that two people could make four totally different and uniquely precious little girls...



renee said...

"Y" chromosomes are over-rated ;)

I think this is someone's way of telling you...You make beautiful little girls! Why switch it up now?!?! If it's not broke, don't fix it :)

Congratulations my friend! You're expanding little family is gorgeous!

Sarah Hansen said...

When the three girls were in the tub the other day I looked over and said to them, " Oh my gosh I can't believe ANOTHER cute little baby girl is going to fit into that bathtub!" It's so true. You guys make such cute girlies but they still keep you on your toes with all the adventurous, mischief they get into all the time. Yay for another fun niece :) Love those girlies so so much.

Sarah Hansen said...

Although I must say, when the teenage years hit, secret operations and spy sessions might be going down. Those girls aren't getting into trouble very easily...not if their crazy Grandma, Mother, and Aunts have anything to do with it ;)

Alex said...

Congratulations! You make such cute girls! ;)

amy m. said...

Congratulations Tyler, Rae and girls! My sisters are my best friends and your girls are so lucky to have each other! xoxo

Artfulife said...

SO fun!!!!!!!