Wednesday, November 16, 2011

little BIG questions.

{Lils and her buddy}

Lily loves to have our "five minute" talk every night before going to bed. It's another one of her brilliant stall-tactics. Stories, scripture, prayer, kiss, hug, brush teeth, glass of water, one more hug, one more kiss, i forgot-to-go-potty, i-want-to-eat-my-vegetables-from-dinner-now, i'm-scared-of-mummies, one more kiss, one more hug.....and now our five minute talk. So smart, this kid.

I allow it for a two reasons. First, it is so fun to lay with her in bed one on one and discuss the day snuggled close to her round little face and lispy voice as she confesses her days worth of naughty deeds (Mom, i okay like...don't get mad at me...but i kinda schneaked your gum outta your purse. It's in the piano drawer but i ate it all...i am sho sho shorry). Second, it is a tradition I hope will become so ingrained that she will find herself at the ripe age of 16 confessing crimes much more intricate in detail only to find herself chained to the bed next morning with a note that reads:

Dear Lu,

Loved our five minute talk last night.
Like I promised, you can tell Mommy anything.
Oh yes...about the chains...they will be unlocked when 
you are twenty-five and Mommy and Daddy have 
made our final decisions regarding a future husband.
Breakfast will be delivered at 9, I made eggs: your favorite!



For now, the chat is mostly filled in a question and answer format.

Mom, why do we have boogers?
To help catch bad things that would get in our nose.

What are all the planets?
There are too many to name sis, this is a big universe. And truthfully, I can't even remember the ones in our own solar system. And...I don't know exactly what a solar system is.

Are there people on them?
Maybe, nobody can tell for sure...

Why do boys have weenies*?
Ask Daddy.

Why are there germs?
Um, well...they are small forms of life that serve some sort of to do good things...and some to...kill humans? question please...

Why do I like Jackson? Like in my did it get there? 
Because God hates your parents.

*(We refer to the differential parts of the male/female anatomy with our own special words. I challenge the child experts on this topic. They say teach your child the accurate terminology. I would then like to ask them what a parent is supposed to do when their child goes through the ever-pervasive-potty-humor-phase when the absolute pinnacle of comedic genius involves calling their sibling a 'weeniebum' or suggesting we name our new baby 'foofy' while browsing books at the library. What am I supposed to do when the librarian instead hears them giggling the word "penis-butt" or referring to our unborn babe as 'vagina'? Our library membership is already hanging by a thread due to late fees...don't ask me to lose my only free weekly venture during these strenuous winter months!)

My mind is frequently boggled with the magnitude of questions this little mind processes. Seriously, how does this kid come up with some of this stuff? Tyler has peeked in before, heard a question and stated: I am so glad you are the one answering those.

Oh don't worry darling, I've referred some of the best ones onto to you.

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Sarah Gurries said...

From what I hear... Lily sounds a lot like her momma. You:"Mom what's a (rhymes with toner)?" Mom:'s when a boy breaks his ankle right in this funny little spot on his leg." I think mom gave you more creative responses than just referring you over to dad so you better get crackin ;)