Thursday, November 3, 2011

On the list....

For Christmas this year, I am trying to not be the uber-nazi Mom who only allows her children lame wooden blocks because of their vintage aesthetic appeal when all they really wanted were colorful kitschy Bratz dolls. I really am. But I HATE Bratz dolls. Almost as much as I hate Hannah Montana figurines. And any and all life-size Barbie paraphernalia. And Hello Kitty toy sets: I find it flat out offensive how much they cost for the cheapest manufactured garbage straight from Japan's anus. I make sure to scoff and huff loudly every time I turn a toy over to check the price tag when my girls beg me to take them into the Hello Kitty store. It's the mega-bribe of a trip to the mall. If you behave, you can go to the Hello Kitty store and buy a $2 piece of the tasteless plastic lead filled gum representative of the loss of manufacturing and production in the United States. But you have to be reeaaally good.

Hmmmm, a bit passionate much about this? ME?!

I'm trying to balance the Santa-wish list a bit. And simplify. Just a few things, but good things. I lobby the girls here and there, selecting things I would like them to own and then showing them online. Look girls?!! Doesn't this look fun?!! Most of the time they heartily agree and beg to have it added to the list of what they want for Christmas. Chaching! And for balance, I've made sure to add in the ridiculous Stompeez slippers and Fab Snaps they jump up and down squealing for while watching Saturday morning infomercials in between cartoons. Just $17.95 plus shipping and handling, call now! Stompeeeeeez!!

Here is one brand I love: Schleich
They create the most realistic animal and fantasy figurines and my girls LOVE the few we've collected so far. I was surprised to see how much they played with them. Toys R Us recently had a 'buy one get one 50% off' so I stocked up. I felt positively giddy over the Baby African Safari Animal collection. And I almost went crazy and bought the entire dragon collection for my nephew Finn.

I love their quality. I love that they are educational but the kids would never guess it. I love knowing that I enjoy the purchase and will not curse myself every time we clean up the playroom and survey the mass of complete junk lying all over the floors.

If only I could get them to pay me for this type of advertising. Now that would make for a Merry Christmas.

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amy m. said...

Agreed -- Bratz are scary.