Thursday, December 1, 2011

All I want for Christmas is... April.

Doesn't that pic look so summery and warm? 

Not a good thing to pine for warm weather at the very advent of a long and cold winter.

I am just excited for that time...the time again when I can have a new baby at my hip and my children surrounding me and feel like the road of childbirth is behind me. 

When Tyler and I can find our new normal and rediscover each other after another pregnancy and child and breastfeeding and the whole schabang. I love that time. A new wonderful person has been added to the brood and I can reconnect best with the hubby I've missed. When we can plan a brief escape and do something active and fun in the great outdoors.

Can you tell I'm tired today?

So, so tired. Motherhood is non-stop ya'll.
The weight of life is so good and so heavy and so real.
We're in this deep, reeaaally deep.
It seems Tyler and I fantasize about sleep more than anything lately.
We plot our next dream vacation...
first let's just solidly s.l.e.e.p. for three days....then get to biz-nezzzzz (wink)
A long vacation somewhere on a warm beach.


For now, Lils has a cold. London wants breakfast. And Ellie just pooped. It smells all kinds of wonderful as she's running through the house spreading her signature aroma. Mmmmmmmmmm!
Oh yeah, and I'm about to head in for a morning pregnant weigh-in before I try to squeeze my thighs into something wearable. Glamorous I tell you, this life I lead!


Joan said...

A signature Rae post! You always keep it real and I love it. I am in the same boat today (minus the pregnancy)...max with puke bowl at his side, Bensons bomb of a poop, me with greasy hair and robe :) This is the good life! The truth is I wouldn't have it any other way!

The Mrs. said...

it's a good thing that you are not alone. that is one true fact for sure.

i'm sending lots of love your way.


Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

you have such a great life - let's leave glamorous to fergie and keep living our rich with love and happiness lives!