Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby it's cold outside.....

We're staying in.

Forecast is all kinds of chills with no thrills.

Plus I've calculated the average cost of me exiting our home...


No bueno.

McDonalds, Old Navy sale, library fee, doctor appointment, Starbucks, piano books....

Where does the money go?!!
(Well, for starters: McDonalds, Old Navy sales, library fees, doctor appointments, Starbucks, and piano books)

Seriously, it seems that each time we leave this house our checking account is deducted at least that amount. I left the house yesterday for a trip to the library and to grab groceries at Walmart. We ended up eating in the ghetto McDonalds inside of Walmart. Oh how I despise Walmart...I hate the parking lot, I hate the people driving insanely through the parking lot (all humanity is lost once you enter its boundaries), I hate the color scheme, I hate their produce selection and shriveled avocados, I hate that they price match and therefore leave me no choice but to shop there..but most of all I hate myself when I consciously feed my children grain-fed corn inflated saturated fats and nutrient absent meals accompanied by cheap China toys with Ellie stuffed into a sticky gray plastic highchair I can only assume is plastered with remnants of fecal matter.

...and I paid $15 to do it.

After eating, we began shopping. I put a bushel of bananas in the cart, looked around at the hoards of people pushing through the aisles (humanity is still lost even inside of the store), and decided....forget it

I put the bananas back and congratulated myself on the fact that I had just loaded my children into the car and had driven all the way to Walmart just so we could eat inside of their Happy Place and leave without the milk and eggs we were out of. What a productive day.

Today we will NOT be leaving the house....that is until date night tonight when Tyler and I can brave the grocery scene together (and I assume we will do so with a couple of McFlurries). What is McDonald's slogan again? Oh yes,

I'm. lovin'. it.

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Joan said...

I echo your sentiments EXACTLY! Me and Walmart have a love/hate relationship (serious emphasis on the hate). It is friendly to the ol pocket book but SO repulsive and dirty and mass produced?! Yuck. It makes my stomach feel like yours after a king size kit kat and donut holes. Bleh.