Monday, December 12, 2011

Get your Christmas on.

Is it just me or does it seem completely insane that Christmas is less than two weeks away?

Tyler thinks I'm a big Christmas Crazypants to begin the holidays around November 15-ish. But I tell you, there is so much to be done! If I don't start in advance I end up really being a Christmas Crazypants, and we're not talking the baking festive sweater donning Target shopping jolly merry holiday tune listening kind. We're talking about him finding an entranced woman plastered in powdered sugar demonically swaying back and forth while aligning tinsel symmetrically on each tree branch, mumbling a jumble of incoherent lines from Carol of the Bells and Amazon online advertisements...

.....Christmas is here bringing good cheer 49.95 plus free shipping if your order before Tuesday have your self a very very very Merry Christmas five set collection comes with velvet slippers their joyful tone to every home ding dong dong ding dong Bong......

It's ugly. Real ugly.

When you think about it, there is just too much to do. Gift lists, shopping, spending, wrapping, decorating, tree trimming, light hanging, baking, delivering, piano recitals, church activities, family gatherings, work parties....the list goes on and on and on. And all this in a mere 25 days? I try not to get too sucked in. All I really want for Christmas is some time at home, a few baked goods in the oven, and a Christmas movie tucked in cozy with the family. How did it get so crazy?

{Church Christmas Breakfast}

We did make a list last night at an impromptu family counsel. It seems that every year there is a plethora of ideas marinating in my mind. New traditions I'd like to begin. Memories I hope to make. I am glad that Christmas is creeping up too quickly this year for me to really fancy agendas pre-printed on laminated ornamental cardstock this time (phew). We scribbled a quick list of what each of us would like to do before the big day arrives. Our family celebration of the season begins now with the following requests:

Lily: 12 Days of Christmas Countdown Chain (simple paper construction chain where we do something little each night to celebrate till Christmas: family bowling in our hallway, Mom & girls Barbie time, Oreos and Milk before bed, etc.)

London: Hot Cocoa and Christmas lights tour. Always a good one.

Tyler: Angel Tree shopping. Each year we pick from a tree and go shop for the items for the little boys/girls we've selected. I always try to get girls the same ages as my own. Makes it more special for us (and sad..and happy...and sad).

Rae: Family Christmas Movie Night. (Home Alone anyone? It's a classic!)

Ellie Jane: Candy Canes. Endless supply from the Christmas tree.

(reading under the tree: now that's what I call Christmas.}

We will work these into the schedule in the coming days. In the mean-time, I will breath deeply, finish my Christmas shopping/wrapping, and enjoy the munchkins under our tree. 

After all, regardless of the increasing pace of the season each year,  I have found that it is the the reflection on Christ and our life's greatest blessings that still make this a very merry holiday indeed.

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Joan said...

It is quite bothersome that we are SO busyily (sp?) hustling and bustling to get everything done/attend every party/bake/etc. that we do forget the whole purpose of this time of year..well, not forget the reason but just don't have time to really ponder and appreciate it. I get a little irritated by it all (crappy night...can you tell?--sorry for the Negative Nancy comment). I am hiding in the office right now hoping my children won't find me...hahah. Awesome.