Saturday, December 24, 2011

To Santa, Love Lily.

As dictated to our babysitter while Tyler and I were out to dinner the other night...

" Dear Santa,
I would like the following: Hello Kitty Sewing Machine, Bratz, Earrings, Motorcycle, Pixie Dust, ears pierced. Thank you! I love you Santa! Hope you eat the cookies and the milk they are good. We have reindeer food. Please Santa sign in please. Tell me you're real because my best friends say you don't exist.

Lily  "

Have you checked out the Portable North Pole ? Free personalized Santa video message for your little ones. I wish I had found it and posted the link sooner. Lily and London watched Santa speak to each of them tonight before tucking into bed, messages filled with personal details and all! I really think it was more magical for us to watch their little faces. Honestly, Tyler and I had to try to keep from crying while we watched their reactions.

Christmas is especially awesome this time around. I know I say it all the time but really: children are the most wonderful wonder of wonders.

Love to you all and 
 best wishes for 
a Very Merry Christmas!

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