Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It was a Party.

 Would you like to see the details of Miss London's Big 4th Birthday Bash?

You can't name your daughter London without
one day having a Tea Party.
And you can't have a Tea Party without Hats.

Lundy girl and I hit up the local thrift stores and bought out every dingy hat in sight.

Grabbed some 60% off sparkly Christmas foliage at the craft store...

And after a solid evening spent with a glue gun and channeling our inner Lady Gaga....

Party Hats were created! (Which doubled as party favors)

What little girl do you know who doesn't love a fancy hat?

Each girl arrived and first selected a hat...

Got their nails done...

And took part in a glamorous photo shoot.

{The set - wrapping paper makes a good CHEAP backdrop}

And yes, it is fun to be this insane. Why do I put myself through such madness?

Because, just look at these darling guests!:

Isn't this just hilarious and splendid?

During lunch, each girl selected from an assortment of  Pink and Purple Teas 
(all flavored steamed milk dyed pink or purple)

What a good Dad. 
Honestly, I will give my girls the following solemn question to ask a potential future spouse.
 This. is. Serious.

"Boyfriend, are you prepared to possibly have four daughters plus a house full of fifteen little girls and brew them a selection of pink teas while peeling the crusts off of their heart shaped  peanut butter sandwiches?"

If the answer is No.....run run run!

It takes a REAL man to put up with such frills.
(and a follow-up much deserved 'man night' watching the game with fellow males to fully detox)

How lucky we are to have this one special guy in our house is not lost on us ladies.
 We sure love him so.

We had excellent additional help too:

My good friend Jamee is responsible for printing the adorable menus and signs for the party. 
Thanks Jamee!!!

As you can see, I think Miss London and her little friends had a grand time. 

Tyler and I plopped on the couch after the party and fell asleep tangled in each other's limbs as our girls played around us on the floor with all the presents and devoured leftover cupcakes.

To be surrounded by girls is pretty special.

And we sure love our Lundy girl....so much.

Happy Birthday you four-year-old wonderful little stinker.


Ashley said...

How cute Rae! Oh how I wish sometimes I had little girls to be surrounded by. Instead it's football, super heroes, and stinky butts!

Karrasch Clique said...

oh how absolutely cute...I loved every picture! I was waiting to see how this birthday party turned out! You are the very best mom ever! And you have the cutest girls ever! Nice work Rae! :)

Melissa said...

oh my goodness! this party is so cute!! i need a girl =) you did a fabulous job!

Joan said...

Oh. My. WOW. Rae.
So clever, so well thought out--down to every single detail! I'm not surprised though...this party has "Rae" stamped all over it. You know how to throw a darling girl party for sure. I will call you in a panic if/when I have a girl and have the energy to throw such a party.
Ps: you did get my Christmas card already, right? I sent it weeks ago...just wanted to make sure :)

rae said...
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rae said...

Thanks for the compliments friends! I can't help but notice and LAUGH that each of you commenting only have BOYS! Isn't that funny?!! Glad I could provide some vicarious 'living with girls' enjoyment for ya. Now please send me pictures of your boys rolling through the mud and playing sports so my husband and I can hold each other and cry.


Nonna said...

I always knew that my son would be a wonderful father. So proud. The girls, what can I say...they are adorable. The mom(Rachel)....she is pretty perfect too! Thanks for giving my grandchilden wonderful memories. Love Nonna

Artfulife said...

So adorable! Thanks for inviting the girls, they had a blast :)

Natalie in Sparks said...

That was seriously the cutest, girliest girl party I have ever seen! I left with Emma feeling sooo happy to have a daughter so that I can take her to adorable parties like that! Seriously, she loved it, and it was so fun to see all those little girls dressed up and getting pampered!