Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby dolls.

This is my real live baby doll.

In a real live baby-doll stroller.
A cheap hunk of plastic intended for no more than 7 ounces worth of weight?

Yep. Yep. Yep.

Well, my baby doll doesn't seem to mind. In fact, she sits contently as her sisters stroll her through the corridors of our home. As evidenced in the photos, this is a typical day in our household. Mismatched pajamas, scraggly hair, and a baby at the center. In fact, I'm surprised this photo doesn't have London in the corner in time-out for yet again slobbering and quasi-suffocating her sister with kisses. London! Stop constantly picking up Ellie! She can walk by herself! Quit squeezing her! Quit kissing her! Quit licking her! Quit whispering in her ear! Quit twirling her around! Quit giggling so loudly 2 centimeters from her face!

Seriously, our only problem in this household is OVERenthusiasm for this littlest sibling. 

I worried when I found out I was pregnant: we're going to have to postpone the long talked about and anticipated Disneyland trip of February am i gonna break this to the girls?. February is fast approaching, but no Disneyland this year. It just doesn't work for pregnant women waddling in their week 30+. 
Plus hospital bills must replace hotel bills. 

And then I thought of these girls stomping through the house, merry on their way and learning to love and mother each other. What greater way to teach your child to love and serve and step outside of themselves than with a real. live. babydoll?! Who needs Disneyland after all?!!

I remember lamenting my lack of a cool vehicle to drive in my teens. The most common response from my father was this:

"Well, if I trade in Larissa, Mallory, and Forrest...we could probably afford to get you whatever car you like. What do you think?"

You slimey little weasel...I would think....always having to 'center' things....oh look at me i'm rachel's dad and i have all the proper perspective on what really matters in life!...blah blah blah...i need a toyota tacoma and i need one now....

It looks like this April it will be our Ellie Jane who is up next to learn the art of loving outside of herself: a peer, an equal, a sibling. There's nothing quite like it.


amy m. said...

" learn the art of loving outside of herself..."
Well said. Great post.

Joan said...

Um, pretty sure you got that Toyota Tacoma, you spoiled brat ;)
At least "borrowed" it from Daddy Hansen for a time.
Oh, and babies beat out Disneyland ANY day of the week!