Monday, January 23, 2012

Back in action.

It is week thirty for this babe in the belly. 
I can't believe how fast it has gone by.
I can't believe how eternal it also seems.

Our weekend was great. 
Food, sleep, food, sleep, movies, sleep, food.
Just enough to make me miss the munchkins and gain an appreciation for a life of productivity.
It doesn't take much for me to get stir-crazy. Three days does the trick.

The Spa...oh glory be The Spa!!!!

How do I let such lengthy intervals stretch between visits? Why is it that over the course of six months I can manage to justify seventy-five dollars in the clearance craft bin at Micheal's on spools of ribbon I'll never bother utilizing and yet adamantly refuse myself a luxury that rejuvenates not only my calloused heels but my very. soul. ?

Genius hubs booked two separate treatments on two separate days so I was allowed full, undisturbed access for forty eight hours. I would return just to sip more lemon cucumber water and re-serve myself the pistachio almond cranberry nut mixture. 

Which got me thinking: expectant women should labor in spas. Check in, get a massage, soak your feet, change into a fluffy robe, lie down in a dimly lit room on a plush velvet sofa propped up on pillows watching a high def slideshow of the French countryside in a misty rainstorm while being serenaded by wind pipes and spanish guitar melodies, deliver child.

Sounds easy to me.
Consequently, I will refuse to believe we have ever attained a suitable benchmark for women's rights until this is included as a regular insurance benefit {sans higher premium...this is how the very vehicles of humanity should be covered}. 

{Room service: Banana bread French Toast anyone?!!!!!}

And I will end with a message....

Dear Tyler,

It was perfect.
Thank you.
Sorry about crying that night in the bathroom after the massage.
Massages release emotion, did you know that?
Here's to many more awesome island breakfast buffets in the future. {Inside joke, sorry.}


Forever and eva,



Ashley said...

Are you not the most beautiful not to mention adorable pregnant person ever?!?! I wanna be as cute pregnant as you are! What a nice mini vacation you got to have! I need to take your advice and have a honeymoon which should have happened like two weeks ago.

Joan said...

You are sooo cute documenting your weekend so well! I CANNOT believe you only have ten weeks left!?!?

The Mrs. said...

Lovely. All of it.