Sunday, January 8, 2012


Tyler and I arrived home late one night after my students' Christmas piano recital.
I walked into a bathroom to find it COVERED in water. AAAAAAAA!

We cursed to ourselves and slopped up the mess with every towel we owned.
It wasn't until the next day that I realized the full extent of the damage. 
I entered our guest bedroom and my foot sunk deep into a carpet of slush.
It was soaked through. DOUBLE AAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Turns out, the bathroom that backs up to this room allowed all the water to flow under the baseboards into the bedroom, destroying half of the floor. 
Oh. the. joy. 
Just in time for Christmas?!!!

Here are the BEFORES of our room of concrete (the girls were mesmerized by the bare hardness of it all, and kept inviting friends in to see our "Big Cement Room!)




Excited to see the transformation!?!!

Check back tomorrow!
{Don't you just hate me? I hate waiting. But i would like to see if i can finish the curtains before posting all the pics. Cross your fingers....}

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Joan said...

Hey! That's MY room! ;)
And I am SO excited to see the after shots!