Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas album and top three favorites.

As you can see below,

Christmas was nothing short of spectacular.

A fitting celebration to a year so full of family, health, and blessings.
In all honesty, it feels a bit overwhelming to contemplate it all.

To be so fortunate leaves me with an intense mixture of emotions ranging from gratitude to complete perplexity and inadequacy for what I have. 

And although the gifts were marvelous, the food divine, the activities abundant:
 it was the people who made it feel fullest. All these peeps made our 2011 worth remembering.

A few top personal favorites (in no particular order):

1. Laura Ingall's Christmas Story night: My mom had us come to the house for an evening reading of one of my favorite Christmas stories: Little House on the Prairie 'Mr Edwards meets Santa Claus'. We ate chili and sang carols by the fire and my Mom read the kids the story of the poor pioneer girls who displayed a profound amount of appreciation for the simplest gifts of tin cups, flour cakes, and a precious penny. I remember feeling dumbfounded as a child when I first encountered the story as I devoured the entire Little House collection. A measly tin cup?! A lousy penny!?! A flour cake?!!!! Those poor pitiful suckers, how could they be so grateful?! 
It was a fitting lesson for an amply spoiled child.
Then to the grandkids' surprise, Gamma presented each with a stocking filled with their own tin cups, cakes, and pennies. My family makes fun of me for loving the story so much but really: it is perfect and captures the real spirit of Christmas! You can find the story here.

2. Finnan boy receiving his precious obsessively loved new tractor from Santa. After opening our own Santa gifts with the girls at home, we rushed up to my parents to witness the display. In his shiny gold toed cow-boy boots (courtesy of Uncle Jacob and Auntie Erica), the Finn-meister did not disappoint.

3. Christmas Dinner at Poppa Don & Nonna's. In our pajamas no less! Sigh...Nonna knows just what a girl needs after a host of Christmas chaos. To be well-fed and not have to dress my children up after all the mayhem is the best part of all, such a relaxing way to soak in the holiday. We eat like kings dressed as paupers. This is American tradition at its finest I tell you!

{the fancy bubbly in fancy glasses was of course the highlight of the evening for the girls: 
Nonna knows them well}

It was a Christmas for the record-books!

Looking forward to many more to come!!

The End.

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Joan said...

Love the pictures, Rae. You are so blessed to have such an awesome family :)