Monday, January 9, 2012


Oh the suspense is fun, isn't it?!!!

Yesterday was our BEFORE.

Today shall be calling our "During"

And tomorrow, you shall see our "AFTER"!!!

Don't get too excited. The manufactured suspense is more of a procrastination technique rather than an attempt to do justice to the finished product. Curtains still unfinished.

With that said, I must discuss my passion/obsession for design.

Design of my own household that is. And oh if I had an unlimited budget the things I could create...the things you would witness! But I must say, it is the very  budget that makes it fun. A challenge. Every bit of our house has gradually been molded into a place that is livable, a place more functional. And hopefully, a space more lovable. And though hardly flashy or fancy or expensive, it warms the soul to know you've done something yourself.

I am very interested in Psychology. In fact, in my early college days my declared major was Interior Design with a minor in Psychology. I mentioned it in passing one day to a design professor, worried about the potential incompatibility. She brightly exclaimed, 

"Of course! Design IS psychology."

That has always stuck with me. Perfectly said.
Design is psychology

A home that tickles your fancy is about so much more than impressing a neighbor. In fact, your tastes are most likely to differ in such a way that your neighbor wouldn't even like your space. I don't expect someone else to fawn over my newest crafted creations... and by the same token I think they could hardly anticipate the way  I  am slowly dying inside every time I enter their home and encounter a plasma television screen  mounted as wall art. To each their each their own.

I don't obsess about paint color or fabric because I really care what my friends will think, although their approval always brings a smile. Decorating and design are about so much more than silly women (or men) shopping TJ Maxx in an attempt to mask bad eating habits or disintegrating marriages. We are simply human creatures carving out our pockets of the universe.... little birds building little nests.  I want rooms that I want to be in. I want rooms that my children will want to be in. 

If our home, our daily dwelling, can feel just a bit luxurious to their hearts... 
a soft place to land on a weary day...
an ordered and thoughtful place to surrender...
then I've done my job.

I love creating home.

See you tomorrow!!

Is the yellow freaking. you. out.?

It should, it is awesome.

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Joan said...

If you draw this out one more day you are going to have a very angry, premenstrual, already pissed at the world woman on your hands ;)
Was that a strong enough threat? I can do better, you know. haha.