Friday, January 13, 2012

Ice Cream.

Hey Mom, can I have some ass cweam?

Sure, you grab the sprinkles and chocolate syrup, 
I'll grab the ass cream.

London's voice occasionally has this New Jersey meets The Bronx twang to it. It makes for some memorable phrases. This one is the record-worthy sentence of our morning.

Happy weekend!


Abbie said...

today audrie told me to shit down on the couch.

they also say "done it" because mommy says "done it". yes, i say done it. done it done it done it.

The Mrs. said...

Briggs used to say that. I never wanted it to change.

My SIL's first born would say "work it mama, work it!" when something was broken and he wanted her to fix it.

I love love love the yellow room. I just wanna come hang out in there.


Melissa said...

hahahahaha. i might be laughing out loud at this. little kids are just too cute. ass cream. haha.

zak's usually is "cock, cock" for clock, which makes us laugh every time.