Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The infinite work of progress.

Last night I may or may not have referred 
to my children as the spawn of satan.

Not to their faces of course. I am, after all, a good and emotionally balanced mother who saves all accusations of demonic possession for tear-filled rants to my mother over the phone. Duh.. 
Her telephone timing was impeccable, as Tyler can attest when he was able to hand over the phone quickly as he saw me unraveling after a disastrous family night. Here! Talk to you mother....

I think it is safe to assume it was a poorly executed day. She kindly reminded me that every first day back after a vacation is always doomed for failure. It just is. I will have to keep that in mind, because the guilt was all consuming that evening as I collapsed on the sofa in tears and thought: I can't even hold it together for one lousy day - the very FIRST day back from a 36 hour hiatus in which I missed them terribly. Mom also generously testified that after spending 36 hours tending to these 'spawn', both she and my Dad could agree that yes indeed: we have our hands full. Wonderfully, blessedly, entertainingly full.


There are just days when they seem to conspire against you.

{Yes, examine closer and you will see: oh how cute! The baby is playing with an electrical outlet!}

Days when they kick/scream/claw/bite/fight through 
every attempt you make to create a decent existence for them. 

As Lily pouted through her 5 minute piano practice session, 
and London tore her worksheet to pieces instead of tracing her letter 'm's 
and both complained about the fresh pineapple served with their homemade and rather expensive organic scrambled eggs
and Ellie Jane ripped off her new shoes for the 19th time in the grocery store
leaving us re-combing aisle seven looking for her socks
And all three colored with markers all over their freshly painted bookcases
After they stole the gum out of my purse
and the pens
and the checkbook
and the credit cards
and my iphone
and then filmed me with said phone
threatening them with extinction if they didn't sit in their car-seats
and remain silent for the rest of the ride home
During which we listened to the latest chapter of Chronicles of Narnia
which we checked out from the library
where they emptied every plastic toy bin out on the floor
of the children's story-time room
and where Ellie was discovered standing on the computer keyboard
on top of the computer desk
before I forced her back into the stroller
when we promptly exited

the entire

Yes, yesterday was no good.

But redemption is often serendipitous in its arrival.  

As today a fort was built.

Where they happily listened to stories.
And giggled. Because no matter how naughty they may behave...

there are always giggles.

These faces continually remind me to dust myself off,
have a good laugh, and as my Dad always says:

"Keep pluggin' away."


Sarah Gurries said...

This was one the most adorable posts. I don't know if it is because I am pregnant and it's 11 o'clock at night but it sure made me emotional. Love these girlies. You are a wonderful mom. The are very lucky. Organic eggs and all ;)

The Mrs. said...

I remember when we got back from Hawaii over a year ago, I kept thinking that my kids were soooooooooo loud! Were they always this loud, I just never noticed before? YES!! It's good to go away, and it's good to come home (after you adjust).