Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Drumroll please....

One more recap of BEFORE:


Curtains still not finished. And I have a bench to add that I've been painting. 
Oh well, it's now or never!

Here is our.....


I like to think of it as summer in a children's nursery. The girls seem to spend a lot of time in it now, which makes me smile.


Sarah Gurries said...

You ARE not only the 'Queen of Sparks' but also the Queen of decorating....love it.

Alexis said...

HOME-MAKING is a title that is fast becoming a lost priority. Thank goodness my girls recognize that they are not House-Wives but Home Makers. Our homes should reflect a place we love being in and exude a warmth and happiness that others feel - that takes talent!
I grew up in a trailer in Sun Valley - but my mom was a wonderful HOME MAKER. It doesn't take lots of money to make a home cozy and loving, it just takes time and creativity:) Congrats on achieving and sustaining a lost art:)

Melissa said...

i would kill to have a playroom. yours looks awesome!! i hope that is not the nail polish rug, because that would be very very unfortunate.