Thursday, January 19, 2012

Living the dream.

{What is it about a man and manual labor?! Rarr.}

He surprised me with the perfect gift for Christmas.

A weekend retreat booked at a local hotel, spa treatments, and arrangements made for the Grandparents to watch the hooligans. We leave tomorrow, and I couldn't be more excited and relieved to get away for a solid three days of sleep. Smart man, this husband of mine. He knows just what the doctor ordered before we welcome baby four into our chaotic den: time together and alone!

I hope I never overlook how lucky I am to be matched so well to this guy. He gets my weirdity.  That is the best part of a life lived together...working through all of that weirdity together. 

And weirdity isn't even a real word.

We enjoyed a quiet dinner out together this New Year's Eve. I pulled out my handy dandy wide ruled spiral notepad and began jotting notes, suggesting we come up with goals together for the new year (how fun!?! Right?! Party at the Haack table!). He gave his usual oh-my-poor-embarrassing-wife-living-in-the-Ice-Age-still-writing-things-on-actual-paper sigh and signature here-we-go-again-why-don't-you-just-tell-me-what-my-goals-should-be-so-I-don't-answer-incorrectly-and-this-can-be-done-quickly smile and graciously appeased.

We came up with a few good ones. Personal, financial, parenting. When the topic turned to our marriage, I suggested we both request one thing each of us could regularly do to make life a little easier for the other. Simple. Just one thing.

My turn:

"You could pick up your clothes off the floor on your side of the bed. That would be the one thing that would be pleasantly helpful to my day. See! Simple! Okay, that felt better. You're turn."

 His expression turned thoughtful as he warmly smiled, suddenly seeming more eager to engage in our New Year's therapy session. He leaned in, tilting his head and whispered sweetly...

"I know what would really help make my life easier...You could pick up my clothes off the floor on my side of the bed. That would be the the one thing that would be pleasantly helpful to my day."


Once again illustrating what I've known all along: we were made for each other.

Happy weekend!

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Joan said...

As I type this you are enjoying the blessedness of sheer, uninterrupted relaxation: food, sleep, sleep, sleeping in, a little eh, pedicure, massage, reading, food, sleep, eh's a lovely cycle of laziness.
Enjoy ;)