Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Unplugged, but back soon.

I've taken a small hiatus. Oh how lovely it has been. Tyler took a solid 12 days off from work, and it was grand to simply enjoy our time together as a little family. So much has gone down, most of it completely wonderful and Christmasy and fun - but part of me wants to just leave it in the past and move into the new year.  I know I've done the holidays justice when I am so sick of it all by the end that I welcome a house stripped of ornamental frivolity. Back to basics indeed.

But this family record must go on, and hence albums will be posted shortly. 

Plus we've been busy at work re-doing a playroom for our girls.
Our guest room flooded terribly a few weeks ago and provided the perfect {insert mild sarcasm} opportunity for new flooring. 

Here's a hint: it's my favorite:


If only my entire house could have white wood floors! I think I would die of pure contentment.

Stay tuned, before/after pictures coming.
And it's pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.

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amy m. said...

You best be coming back.