Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Uncle Alex gave the girls gift certificates to Playful Potter for Christmas.

Thanks Uncle Al!!!

We redeemed them this weekend after a few weeks of the girls begging and begging and begging.
It was a hit. And thankfully, due to the very washable nature of the paint,
 I didn't have to turn Kate Gosselin on everyone.
Kate, I get your crazy. Truly. 

We went ahead and made a family outing out of the whole day.

The sunshine and mild temperatures gave us a good excuse to play outside.

Aw, my dear Lundy girl. Will I ever stop adoring you so? 

Tyler made an astute observation as she plowed through the park on her scooter, awkwardly shifting back and forth with her head bobbing furiously and her hair whisking behind her round, determined face. It all looked so...uncomfortable.

"She balances on the wrong foot. You see that?! Instead of keeping her weight on the scooter, she's shifting it to the leg that is doing the pushing. She's her mother's daughter."

It is pure comedy watching it unfold. Lily gliding smoothly at a fast speed around the perimeter, and poor Lundy girl attempting to keep pace as she kerplunkity plunks her way behind. That is until she joins Tyler and I lying on the grass and declares,

"Wow Mom, I'm weeally ti-Ed. Can I lay on your belly and hab saMo Cheetos?!"
{Wow Mom, i'm really tired. Can I lay on your belly and have some more Cheetos?}

Sweetheart, if you will promise to retain even a trace of this sort of four year-old enchanting vulnerability that makes me want to scoop you up, swallow you whole, and fiercely protect you against not only the large but also the smallest and most trivial of life's challenges: I will feed you Cheetos daily until the very end of time. Can you do that for me? And always ask to lay on my belly?

It was a good way to spend the weekend.

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Joan said...

Your girls are out of a catalog, Rae. Seriously.
So glad you enjoyed some good weekend family time.