Thursday, January 26, 2012

Worth sharing.

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1. Book we're reading:

Tyler's co-worker actually recommended it. I think it is rather cute to think that two grown men discussed a book about marriage with each other. Written by a Christian pastor and his wife. I love a good husband/wife book-club together. Books can be such an awesome segue into meaningful discussion and insight into your marriage. If you have a husband sweet enough to participate, chances are your marriage is a success anyways. Right?! Don't let the hype fool you: marriage can get better and better with time: i'm still learning that in amazement...eight years and almost four kids deep!
We are aiming to read a chapter or two a week and discuss on date night.

2. Hilarious and poignant article:
Don't Carpe Diem.
My favorite part: the author's distinction between Chronos vs Kairos Time. If that isn't just the best dangnabbit truest observation of all it!

Piggy-backed to it from this cute blog (thanks Anne!)

3. The many faces of Ellie Jane.


amy m. said...

Loved the "Don't Carpe Diem" article. I will definitely start thinking in terms of Chronos and Kairos time (is that Greek?)
And what's the cute Anne blog you referenced?

rae said...

Amo, you can click Anne's name for the link...!

Emily said...

I am definitely going to read that book. Everyone needs a good marriage book, right? I read a really good one called The Act of Marriage, also written by a christian. And I can't get enough of Ellie. I always have to pull up your blog and show my husband pictures of your cute girls.

Joan said...

A good book recommendation from you is always a treat.
Love that Ellie girl. She is a HAM!

Amy said...

Ellie looks so much like Tyler!! I love her faux hawk... she's hardcore, I can tell.