Monday, February 20, 2012


Last night Tyler and I caught ourselves up on the Twilight saga epic movie event of the year Breaking Dawn Part 1!!!
The fact that I still retain a spouse after forcing him through each installment is beyond explanation.
DON'T WORRY, I have no plans to do a movie review here.

Anyways, i got caught off guard by a moment in the movie that left my mind wandering in an abjectly heartwrenching epiphany.
It was the wedding scene. 
Suddenly it occurred to me....

Rae: Husband, someday our daughters will get married.

Ty: Um, yep. Probably.




What does this mean?!!! What is happening here?!!
They won't be little! They won't have floppy ponytails and be giggling in the back room when they're supposed to be going to sleep, ignoring all of our empty threats to ship every last toy back to Santa Claus after their fraudulent stint on the nice list!
They will be grown and tall and think for themselves 
and leave LEAVE LEAVE!!!
We won't have little girls anymore. 
We won't. have. little girls. anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By this point I had rolled off of the sofa and was writhing in apocalyptic moans on the floor, shaking my fists  in protest at Bella and Edward and their completely bizarre {but nicely decorated} wedding scene before running to my girls' bedrooms to lock them in forever.....

so I'll go ahead and leave the recap of the weekend at that.

{Lundy girl and her cute peepskeeks}

Last week as I dropped Lily off for piano at her teacher's house (yes, technically speaking I am a piano teacher...and yes,  i am sane enough to know i have no business teaching my own offspring). 
She hopped out of the car with her piano books in her bag and skipped up the driveway.

She briefly paused and began swinging her book bag around.
She twirled and laughed as her ponytail lifted behind her in motion.

I yelled out, "Hurry Lu! You don't want to be late to your lesson! Go up to the door!"

But for a few seconds she just kept spinning, mesmerized by the motion of her body and the force pulling her bag outward as she whirled in circles, entertained purely by the simple sensation of feeling dizzy and weightless.
She was smiling.

I sighed as my shoulders shrugged in surrender. I couldn't help but smile back as I watched her, finding myself in another one of those weird moments when I want to cry and spontaneously combust. Nothing seemed more darling and little girl about her than that moment. What a precious child. Thank you, thank you, 
thank you, God. For her.

I never want to forget that. 
I hope she'll always find the time to twirl.


Another thing I don't want to forget,

Her special school project: 100 things/Lily's Lollipop Garden.

Sorry blogosphere, not much of an explanation to give on this one other than to say there are so many things about her that I love on this project board, it simply must go down to family record forever.


auntie mal said...

Oh how I love those cute headbands on her:) and her sass and independence! I love her so beyond much.

Alexis said...

The only redeeming thing about my "little girls" (and boys) growing up??? They make more little girls (and boys)...Hallelujah:)

Ashley said...

I love her project....Jess had the same one at this school and he chose to do a 100 goldfish in the ocean LOL. I love how their minds work. So amazing.

PS - I made Mitch watch Twilight - Breaking Dawn part 1 over the weekend...hehe I think that he would have rather poked his eyes out.

Joan said...

How am I in tears after a post about Bella and Edward?! My emotions have nothing to do with them, obviously...haha. Thank goodness!
I could imagine little Lundy perfectly when you described her twirling. I'm so glad you captured that moment. You will be able to rediscover that tender time over and over again thanks to your blog and the commitment you have to keeping record of this beautiful life we live as mothers.