Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The man.

It's his birthday.

love this man.

For so many reasons. I will list a few things I love about him today.

* I love that our daughters look so much like him. Turns out he makes an incredibly handsome man AND beautiful little women too.

* I love how he reacts the opposite to my emotions. It makes for a perfect blend. He is mostly laid back when I'm feeling uptight. He makes a joke when I'm on the prowl for a good fight. He diffuses my angst with life. His resting state-of-being is one of cheer and good-natured warmth.  A moody girl needs this sort of stability in her life. 

*I love that he knows when to be serious and thoughtful too.

*I love his big, strong man body. Rarrr. And that he's sportsy, even though I don't find myself particularly fond of sports. In fact I might hate them. But I'm glad he doesn't.

*Speaking of strong man body, the poor guy has ironically suffered with some foot issues in the past months. We've been seeing a specialist to get to the bottom of it, but it looks like it could have something to do with a hereditary arthritis/joint condition. Bummer. As I waddled into our bedroom last night and he limped over to the bed I asked him,

"If someone had come up to us when we were eighteen {and probably making out in his car in some undisclosed location...I imagine it would have been a police officer. We've met a few of those in our day.}, would you have believed them when they said that in ten years you would have four daughters and arthritis?"

We had a good laugh about that one.

* I love his quiet, humble commitment to good things. Things like faith and family and our marriage.

*I love eating warm peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies with him on Wednesday nights while watching television.We just stare at each other in ecstasy and shame as we shovel each cookie into our mouths and wash it down with milk, telepathically communicating with our eyes: We are so fat, we are so fat, we are so fat.

*He is the world's best father.

*I love that he is open. He is always up for new experiences and ideas. He could never be accused of being terribly closed minded, know-it-all, or stubborn. I notice this and can be glad that it is another part of our complimentary natures...because I've been called all the same sentence...multiple times. Oh dear.

*I love that he likes to be with me, even if we're not doing anything particularly fun. I still find it shocking that  he finds my company enjoyable. I don't even find my company enjoyable.

*I love him. Tyler. The name that represents all that makes me happy and hopeful. 

February 22nd, 1984 was my lucky day.

Happy birthday my love!


Alexis said...

No, Feb. 22, 1984 was OUR LUCKY DAY!!! We love him too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful man with us...and a shout out to the two people responsible - DON & LORI HAACK! You make great boys and raise them well too!
Love and thanks from Alexis (Mom) Hansen and the family...even Ira who tried to drive you away with a shotgun!

Joan said...

What a heartfelt, thoughtful tribute to your man.
Happy Birthday, Tyler. You're a catch...but Rachel is still WAY out of your league ;)

Nonna said...

I cried while reading your blog as we think he is pretty special too. I love that you AND your family (Mom Alexis...xoxoxo)love our son. Thank you for making Tyler an important part of the Hansen family--I hope you know that we feel the same way about you Rachel! Love Don & Lori

Sarah Gurries said...

Happy Birthday Tyler! Thanks for putting up with a bratty sister-in-law for so many years....pre-pubescent, teenage, and now crazy pregnant years...but not as crazy as your wife....j/k but not really