Saturday, February 25, 2012


I have begun four separate posts this last week, all sitting unfinished in my reader.

Time time time...where do you go?!

I guess I can be glad that my good list of things I want to accomplish is never-ending.

Imagine if one really conquered everything they ever wanted to do? 
What a boring dead-end you'd find yourself staring at. 

Is this just a fancy rationalization for eternal procrastination?

I think not!

The house fell silent on Thursday afternoon for a few minutes too long. With small children in the house, one quickly learns that there is an all too brief window of time that transitions from a calm miraculous euphoria to the stark realization: "There is going to be hell to pay for this...."

{Think lipstick graffiti on walls, toilet bowl stuffed with toys, four packages of empty gum wrappers, or a naked baby covered in feces playing unsupervised on the front lawn....}

I stopped loading the dishwasher, turned down the Republican debate I had been listening to,
 and thought, "Wait, where's Ellie?"

I wandered the halls and inspected the empty playroom. Soon I found her, here:

Awwww, sweet girl,  plum tuckered out.

A day well-spent.

I know the feeling.


Melissa said...

awww! she's so cute. and they're even cuter when they're sleeping. =) i can't wait til you have another one!

Joan said...

That squished little face!!! And her perfect lips! She is little girl perfection, Rae :)