Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We're having an S.O.S. day.


Well, not really.
Ellie Jane did wake up feeling feverish this morning.
And it being a Tuesday and all, I decided it was the perfect time to declare
Break needed!

That whole ambitious Monday thing really did us in.
I should have seen this coming last night around 10pm, when after tossing and turning and attempting to get comfortable for the night I suddenly jumped out of bed and ripped every last article of clothing off of my body. Tyler looked up like, "Well hey HEEEEEY!"

"Don't even think about it, buddy. You stay. away."
Look at what you've done to me!
I need out of this...this skin! This body!!! I'm suffocating in here! I'm like Jonah being swallowed by a whale...only I'm AM the whale!!!!

I usually save such sort of surrender until the end of a week well spent. Tuesdays are usually are the pinnacle day of my motherly momentum.
Schedules, bedtimes, healthy meal plans, supplements, piano practice, reading lessons, story time, to-do lists, doctors appointment, library visits, grocery stops, walking, laundry folding, household cleaning, gymnastics classes, play-date rendezvous, writing, family night, dinner time, baths....

I pride myself on being an efficiency beast. 

We don't stop. Especially on a Tuesday!

Breaks are for sissies!

Ladies, in this household...we achieve.
We do. hard. things.

{Love that Ellie put one of her shoes on...just one...in her pajamas...in bed.}

However, the freedom of an S.O.S. day allows me to focus on more substantial tasks often left un-prioritized. 
Like pictures and blogging. Hooray!

We made hot chocolate.

Have you ever seen one of these awesome machines?! Courtesy of Nonna and Papa (you can find them at William & Sonoma). And the princess mugs: Gramma and Pop. My girls are hot chocolate fiends. In fact, each time they go to my parents' house they know they are in for an unlimited supply of warm cocoa prepared by Pop...served in baby bottles with pacifiers on the side. No joke. It is one of their favorite things. My Dad likes to think of his home as a real life version of Neverland: you don't have to grow up there.

We splurged and had pancakes with strawberries and whip cream.
The girls request such breakfasts daily, but normal rushed weekdays mornings only provide items with lean proteins, frozen berries, flaxseed and such.

Ellie has developed an independent streak and freaks out if she sees you chopping her food.
I've slowly let her handle the chewing process, carefully watching her every bite for size and chompability.

As you can see, she's handling it really well, only dainty little bites for this babe:

We'll pick up all of our pieces and get going again tomorrow. 
Until then, happy TUESDAY!


Joan said...

Youuu fun mom you! I want strawberries and whipped cream!
I will pass on the flaxseed ;)

Ashley said...

I think everyone is entitled to have "a stay home day" every once in a while....Enjoy :)

Sarah Gurries said...

I want those pancakes immediately. YUM! What a fun cozy day :) I am having a similar one in the dreary rainy city.

Sarah Gurries said...

I just got on your blog again to look at not the girls but the pancakes. I am so freaken hungry all the time now. I think I will make those in the morning...and I may turn into a whale the remainder of the pregnancy? But it will taste so good.

Joan said...

You were kidding about the lean proteins, berries, flaxseed and such, right?
You were purposefully sounding annoying!? Right?
Hahaha... I sure hope so or I just made an A out of myself.

Alexis said...

Guess what? Your sister, Larissa and I had an SOS day today! You learned well.I don't have a great camera to document our day - but Larissa is in my bed with the Ipad. How fortunate we are to have the luxury of SOS days - no fields to plow, no laundry to do on the washboard outside and no chickens to pluck. Life is good:)