Friday, March 16, 2012


I realize that for all the regular talk of donuts and truffles on this blog, it may justifiably be said that I am a less than optimal eater.

But in my defense, I live by a pretty decent 90/10 rule.
I like fresh, healthy fact i'm mildly obsessed with it.
Almost as much as I am with Blueberry Truffles.
It makes for a perfect combination: 90% of the time our meals are homemade, whole, and health conscious. 10% of the time you can find me back in my room around 9pm with some sort of cookie. Is this a bad ratio? Is it supposed to be more like 98/2? I'm not ready to go there just yet. Let me live in ignorant peace and blame my thigh jiggle or headaches on mysterious genetics.
Smoothies are a regular staple in this household. I enjoy blending things. We are big on Costco bulk produce, but even for a family of 5 we can end up wasting a lot if it weren't for the glory of the blender. It's the way I sneak spinach, flaxseed, and any other green vegetable into my kids' diets too. Blend it with enough fruit and they'll never know it's there.

Here are our household's
TOP THREE weekly BREAKFAST selections:

1. Oatmeal. 
Warm with almond milk, chopped nuts, a little brown sugar, and fresh berries. Oh YUM.
I add butter to Miss Ellie's to fatten the little squirt up. 

2.  Scrambled Eggs & Whole Wheat Toast 
Topped with lots of chopped avocado and grape tomatoes.
Bring on the Chalula sauce baby!

3. Smoothies.
Combination of any fruit/berries on hand, greek yogurt, milk (or almond milk), flaxseed, and ice.


Melissa said...

smoothies are a regular in our house too, we usually juice veggies and then use them as the juice for the smoothie. levi refuses to drink it then, but zak and i love it. i agree with the 90/10 rule. too bad mine is probably 70/30 haha. so i'm impressed with your diligence! =)

The Mrs. said...

I am so interested in what others eat and how they live. Family dynamics. All that stuff.

I like your 90/10 rule. It's a good rule that you can live by all the time, and be consistent. Moderation in all things right? I really do believe that is what life is all about.


Joan said...

I couldnt tell you what my percentage is? I do know that as much as Im a health food snob (to a mild degree), I also love me some good junk food too.
It is an ongoing battle of balance for me. I sometimes wonder: do I eat well bc I'm genuinely concerned for my health or bc I'm vain and don't want six rolls hanging over the top of my jeans?
Im pretty sure the obvious answer is a resounding: BOTH :)
I always enjoy hearing about the deliciousness going on in your kitchen. You really do fed your family well, Rae.

Emily said...

I am so intrigued by those smoothies. I am trying SO hard to eat healthy and I need better ideas! Do you use whole flax seed in your smoothie or just the oil?

rae said...


I use ground flaxseed and I buy it in bulk at Winco. SO MUCH CHEAPER that way. Don't waste your money at health food stores!:)