Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Shower.

This last Saturday a few friends threw me a baby shower.

Despite my protests...

It felt wrong to have people continually keep up with me having a baby every other minute.
I feel like I'm beginning to become a part of people's annual budgets:

We need to set aside for Christmas..
our family vacation...
college tuition...

oh yes, and the Haacks will probably be having another child and require more gifts and registry requests....

But those sweet friends of mine wouldn't take no for an answer. And so we had a diaper shower.

Oh boy oh boy did I LOVE this.  Diapers, diapers diapers! Our garage is now stocked!

On the menu: Soup, Salad & Bread bar

Yummy. yummy. yummy.

White Chocolate Rasberry & Lemon Bundt Cakes.


We sat, ate, and chatted. 
It was lovely.

 And of course too many stinka sistas went ahead and showered me with much more than diapers.
{Shout out to Mom and  Nonna: I now am the proud owner of the world's BEST AND MOST WANTED EVER BABY STROLLER: BRITAX B-READY DOUBLE STROLLER SYSTEM....heavens to betsy i am still pinching myself!!!!}

I'm sad I don't have more pictures of the ladies to show.
In all honesty I have more photos, but because I saw what I look like in them: for my sanity and self-esteem I needed to delete. No unnecessary self-deprecating here: I am grateful for my ability to grow babies...but my face looks like it's been stung by a bee. It's the crowning moment of my last weeks of pregnancy, the symptom that makes me think I will can handle any amount of labor and delivery to get this over with.

I can't go there. Not the big weird nose. Not the puffy eyes. 

I am sorry. No pictures posted if my face is in them.

Oh sweet vanity.

It was a great day. I still get emotional thinking of these ladies, who I love so. 
Women who are busier than me, work harder than me, have more stress in life than me...the ones who watch my children regularly so I can go to doctor's appointments and call just to see how I'm feeling and drop off coupons for the almond milk they know our household drinks!!....

How they find the time to insist on carving out a special day to celebrate my baby is overwhelming and unforgettable. They are my angels here on earth. I hope to pay it forward someday, to be one of the fellow friends on a gal's list who they know they can depend on. This is such a gift.

Thanks friends!


Ashley said...

Thanks for inviting me to your shower! Your face does not by the way look like it was stung by a bee. I only wish that I could be so cute and glowing pregnant! It was nice seeing you.

Oh yeah do you have the recipe for the punch? It was so yummy! I am pretty sure this pregnant lady right here is going to want some this summer :)

Joan said...

I am more jealous of those cakes than the stroller. Yes, I am a fat lard.

Emily Anne said...

i'm so excited for you!
and i'll bet your puffy face is just lovely.


The Mrs. said...

I love to be present in your life.

Another reason you need a Vitamix: you can make your own almond milk. I do every couple of days!!

Except for chocolate almond milk (which is my treat of choice-everyday!) I buy that!!

I am so excited for you!! Stroller! Baby! Diapers! Baby! Raecovery! Awesome things are coming your way!!!