Friday, March 9, 2012

A Big Pregnant Lady on the Front Lawn, and Other Scary Tales.

I'll begin with the good news: today was almost 70 degrees.

It at least blanketed a pretty pathetic day in sunshine. What's not to like about that?

We had a rough go of it at the doctor's office. Turns out Ellie Jane, after not quite improving this week from her sniffles, has pneumonia.

And double ear infections.

And I am still crying about it.

I am not a weenie, I am not a weenie, I am not a weenie....

But, it is terribly upsetting to have your infant so distraught at a doctor's office. Ellie Jane is my child who hate hate hates going to the doctor. She accompanied Tyler and I to one of Tyler's foot appointments last week and even though she wasn't the patient, from the moment she encountered the waxy paper on the exam table, she clung to me for dear life and began crying. Today,as we entered the pediatrician's office she became paralyzed in fear. However it quickly switched to a very hysterical, uncooperative little miss drowning in tears.

We had to pin her down just to get an oxygen reading. Examine an ear. Check her heart. She screamed and thrashed with all the might her little bitty body could muster. And she was already tired and not feeling well: putting up such a fight only made her more pale and pitiful. London became equally upset watching the whole scene and had to be escorted out by a nurse. 

I'm sure the staff took one look at my ginormous pregnant self wrassling this agitated infant, ordering my distraught four year-old out of the exam room, and thought: I'm so glad she is propagating more of this. The world could really use a few more baby-mamas with maniacal children roaming the halls of doctors' offices.

She had to have an in-office nebulizer treatment to get her oxygen levels up. I had no choice but to hold her tight as she screamed and screamed and sssscreamed as I forced that darn mask over her mouth and nose, watching the steam work its way to calm her lungs. For fifteen minutes. Fifteen eternal minutes!!! I was at least glad they allowed me to do it myself in the room unaccompanied, so that I could privately cry like a baby right along with her.

Then, after all that trauma, the icing on the cake was when the nurse returned with the antibiotic shot the doctor prescribed to get a jump-start on fighting her illness.
Which once again led to another:

Pin down, pants down, rip my very soul to shreds

I'm rrrreally good at this stuff, as you can tell.

She has been sleeping all afternoon.

My sweet girl, she needs the rest.

And so do I. 

Just look at that belly!!!!!!!

Here's to a happier weekend,



Melissa said...

it makes me cry every time we go in for zak's shots. it's terrible. it's a mom thing, because levi just laughs at me if we go together. poor kiddies.

btw, you look fabulous pregnant. =)

The Mrs. said...

My eyes filled with tears just reading this. I am so sorry!!!