Friday, March 30, 2012

Keep yer chin up.

Yo yo yo whaddup?

It's Raedawg comin at you live

Lying here in bed at 7pm. 

That's right.


Friday night.


Can I getta TGIF?

Okay fine, getting a little carried away, but today I had the sensation of a kid being released for summer vacation. Only by summer vacation I really mean the birthing of an eight pound child through unmistakable pain, shaking, and fatigue followed by enormously engorged breasts. Hollaaaaaaaaaa.

 {My funny baby. Three things she loves: shoes, hats/helmets/upside-down plastic bowls on her head, and the backyard swing}

But I kid you not, after these past few weeks the thought of being done done done with this pregnancy has me giddy. Meeting my newest little girl, freedom to begin RAEcovery (more on that later), and two solid months of nothing on the agenda other than the settling in of a new schedule with our newest little gift leaves me feeling lighter.

 Ironic eh...a fourth child, a newborn, ushering in simplicity?

 I didn't say it would be easy (oh boy have I given up on that adjective to describe anything in my life), but definitely more focused:

1. Learn to love mothering four

2. Raecover self.

Husband's help definitely required and necessary for both.
{Glad I snagged me a good one....}

Life has not been particularly fun these days.
It's okay, life isn't supposed to always be fun to be worth it.

And it is worth every darn bit.

Tyler's arthritis condition has brought a few challenges to our household. Massive dietary changes, multiple doctor appointments, and plenty of energy have been devoted to getting to the bottom of his pain. And man oh man, have I learned this: I despise watching him suffer. I never thought I'd say this but gulp...cough...I think I would take reliving the vomiting of the first trimester over watching him hurt. There you have it. Proof positive. I really do love this guy. 

We're getting on top of it. Things will get better for sure...but you know the old saying "when it rains it pours". I looked at him one night in tears, as he entered his forth day of subsisting on only raw cabbage juice (part of a cleanse to heal the inflammation) and sulked:

Look at us! I'm swollen, you're starving, we're set to deliver a baby in like three minutes, we're tiredundersexed! overworked!


Oh what a world what a world what a world!

You see what I deal with here?!

Poor, pooooor me.


Finishing up this week has brought with it a slightly more clarified perspective. I've wrapped up piano lessons, my children are healthy, my husband finally on the mend, and a gloriously little girl is about to make our world even more magical than it already is. (Hopefully sooner rather than later, all optimism is set to expire on due date...please be an early baby.)

Really, it's even better than summer vacation.

Have a good weekend!


The Mrs. said...

It does sound funny to mention fourth child and simplicity in the same sentence,but man alive, I feel like I focus more on the things that matter most now after the fourth child! (see Elder Uchdorf "Things That Matter Most") That brings lots of simplicity into my life. So does the power of saying: "No."

I feel so bad for Tyler.

I can't wait to hear about Raecovery.


Joan said...

I'm so happy to hear from you! I'm sad to hear about Tyler though :( Almost equally sad to hear about his cabbage diet. Bleh. Poor guy. That sounds awful.
Thanks for the post :) I always love hearing from you, friend.