Monday, March 19, 2012


There are so many things I love about my little six year-old.

 We spent a fun weekend playing as a family together.

It included a family trip to the Discovery Museum.
Before heading there, we stopped at the mall to grab a few things.
I stocked her up with new summer attire and some killer ballet flats.

She pouted a lot. Stinker Lu can be very good at maintaining a completely spoiled six year-old perspective and views her life as The Saddest Story Ever Told when told no to full priced denim capris at the Gap (they were cute though, she has good taste. Do i get credit for that?).

There was a little girl, who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead
And when she was good
She was very very good
And when she bad she was horrid.

{She has this poem memorized, and it makes me laugh. Oh my Lily, I love you so.}

 Later, after spending three hours playing in the museum, we announced it was time to go.
Go get ICE CREAM that is!

She decided there was one stop she still wanted to make in the museum. We said no, we had done enough for the day and needed to get a movin'. 
Enter poutfest again.
We warned and coaxed... 
Ya better be careful're about to lose your ice cream privilege.

She followed us, arms crossed and legs dragging and feet stomping.

Honestly kid?! Do you know how lucky you are?! New clothes and eating lunch at a fun restaurant and a trip to a museum and ice cream and a father and mother present in your life and obsessed with your constant care and growth and supervision?!!! No! Of course you don't! How could you!?
The scariest thing is that you may never know...unless I send you to enough third world countries on service projects and line you up with some little friends from the Child Protective Service office. Some comparative study would do you good. 

But ya just can't conveniently do that with a six year-old on a Saturday afternoon when you need to get home and put the baby down for a nap.

She kept pouting. Testing. Testing. Testing.
All five of us went in to the ice cream parlor.
Only four ordered ice creams.

As Tyler heard me finish the order, and Lily's face fell as she realized I meant business, he whispered: 

"Good job, babe."

I muttered back

"This is hard."

And it is hard.

I often think that while disciplining them and feeling despair. When their faces register regret and sadness and the tears fall and they beg for one. more. chance!

Until I hear a resounding reminder...
 in the corner of my soul urging me to draw that line in the sand and remember...

She's worth it.


Alexis said...

Oh my! This is why God invented grandparents. We get to give in...but Mom and Dad need to stand firm. Thanks for giving me the fun job!
P.S. Good job. Hard I know - but proud of you:)

Joan said...

We are doing our children SUCH a dis-service if we don't discipline them or hold them accountable for anything.
When talking to a middle school teacher I was shadowing one semester I asked her the biggest problem she faces with her students. She said, "It's their parents. They make excuses for their children and don't allow them the opportunity to face consequences when they should."
Keep up the good work, Mama.