Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ready and waiting.

We converted the old playroom to Ellie Jane's room, now equipped with newly refurbished/painted dressers to hold enough storage for her AND her baby sister. Two cribs in one room? Yes sirreeee. But not for a while though. Our newest babes sleep in a co-sleeper in our bedroom for quite a time before transitioning into their own rooms. I'm a sucker for love and sleep deprivation, what can i say?


Photos of conference morning:

 {coloring, buttermilk donut eating}

 {pregnant painted toes - thank you T-money.}
{topless London with sterile gloves}.

This is what it looks like in at our house, and we like it.


Joan said...

Topless London with sterile gloves!?! Ah ha ha! I knew I loved that girl!
PS: Miss EJs room looks darling! I love how you angled the dresser. You are so brave about furniture placement like that.

Melissa said...

ok, that room is fabulous!! i love the color. and the dressers. and it's cuteness.

Emily Anne said...

what a darling room!
can't believe it's already time for your new little lady to arrive...the time has flown!
can't wait to 'meet' her here.