Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is important.

We've been enjoying our down-time at home with Miss Emerson. Naps, cuddling, nursing, and generally scoping out life with four bity ladies. But I interrupt this pause to bring a video of my litte sister that had me laughing so hard I was reminded of the joys of postpartum bladder {non}function.

Have you heard of Ellen's pregnant lady dance dare?! For Mother's Day she challenged pregnant women to dance in public behind unsuspecting strangers.

Well, Sarah rocked it. 
Oh yes she did.

A must see....

Makes me proud.


{Emerson photos to follow shortly!}


Joan said...

Oh my awesome! I hope she makes the cut bc that was hilarious!

Karrasch Clique said...

Oh congratulations Rae! Your baby is beautiful. I hope you are enjoying every sleepless moment...and I about died watching Sarah dance...that is stinkin' awesome :) I never would have had the guts...nor would I have been so cute pregnant!

Bethy said...

OMG I love. Sarah you are too cute! Enviable cute! Congrats Rae!! SO happy for your little family! You are one lucky lady!