Thursday, May 3, 2012


It don't like to waste her alert moments. There is so much to do and manage constantly that while she sleeps soundly I squeeze in whatever {minimal} productivity I can.

But when those little eyes open and she looks intently in my direction, I'm a goner. Straight up useless and tuned out to the rest of mankind while she and I sit in the recliner.


Just staring. 

I've realized it's the only opportunity I'll ever get to look into my child's eyes for such a nice chunk of time. Believe me, I've tried it with the older ones and it ain't pretty. Much too squirmy and forced and filled with Lily's flattering anatomical questionnaires:

"Mom, why are there so many dots on your face?"

Okay, we're done here.

And in other sibling news, I'm doing my best to keep everyone entertained. It's a jungle around here currently. And that's okay. It usually isn't until around three months after having a baby that I begin to feel like I am getting a grip. Until then, Tyler receives daily reports over the phone at work when I insist we are in over our heads, I am not equipped to handle this situation, and would he please pick up another round of twenty piece chicken nuggets for dinner?.

We'll get there. 

But in the meantime, if the older girls have each received a few minutes of undivided Mom attention daily, if Emerson and I have had a few good stare-sessions, and I managed to shampoo the spit-up out of my hair from Tuesday: I call this SUCCESS.


Ashley said...

Oh so precious! Melts my heart and makes me so excited for my baby boy to come! I wanna love on her though until he is here! Miss ya Rae!

Joan said...

You're amazing Rae. If anyone can make four girls look easy its you :)