Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Peek Inside.

Today as we were exiting church we passed my Dad in the foyer. The girls squealed in delight as he scooped them up and asked if they wanted to come with Pop to his house!? ....and just like that our chaos train of ribbons and bows and sparkly shoes breezed out the doors and away, leaving Tyler and I standing in a stupor, empty handed and facing the sudden prospect of a silent afternoon. 
We blinked in amazement at each other:

This. is. awesome.

Blog-journaling has and will continue to be sporadic.
As much as I need to document the journey, I can't help but hear the piercing irony in the command I issued to my children from my computer desk last week,

"Everyone SHUuuuuuuT!!!! UuuuuP!!!!!, No Talking! No Skipping! No Throwing! No Playing! No Fun! No Games! Sit and watch your television while Mommy blogs about how PERFECT OUR LIFE IS."

Okay... so I didn't yell shut. up. But there is some yelling. And my oh my things are not perfect.
Never will be.

Life likes to frequently bend a know-it-all, somewhat abrasive, and occasionally overly confident little Miss like myself over its knee and give her a darn good spanking.

We're still in the sorting-out-and-figuring-out-baby-who-screams-the-entire-car-ride-everywhere-we-must-go-but-we-love-her-anyways phase. 

And the when-are-you-going-to-realize-you-are-NEVER-going-to-have-clean-floors-so-get-the-anxious-stick-out-of-your-butt phase. 

And the Costco-team-member's-eye-roll-that-says-oh-there's-that-crazy-lady-again-with-all-those-kids-eating-churros-and-buying-bulk-toilet-paper-and-diapers phase.


But here's the thing about those phases...

You're still guaranteed your moments.

I may not have much time to blog and elaborate on these moments for a while, but I still have them.

The sweet ones.

And the still, soft ones.

                                                   Or the melt-my-heart ones.

And the funny ones.

And the sunshine on the backyard swing while breastfeeding and getting kisses from Ellie Jane covered in strawberry jelly ones.

And the where did this {cute hilarious posing fashionista} kid come from? ones.


So many moments that you're pretty much left crying through your camera's memory card line-up as you comb through and upload photos.

So, no matter what the phase, I figure if I'm alert enough to notice these moments and wise enough to soak them in...there may be no irony at all when I call this a pretty perfect life.


Joan said...

And your dad knows better than anyone what a treat that would be for you guys bc he raised 8 hooligans! :) Well, your mom did but he sure as heck helped ;)
PS: I'm happy to see pictures of you again. Its been awhile.

Joan said...

I meant to add that you look beautiful. I love the photo of you nursing little Em :)

Emily Anne said...


those pictures of tyler on the floor with ellie and books are sooo sweet.