Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tally time.

{This seems to be working for me right now}


Had self and all little misses dressed and ready to go out the door by 9am. Dropped Lily off at school on time. Was set to arrive five minutes early to LONG AWAITED MUCH OVERDUE hair appt.


Not thirty minutes into the school day, Lily throws up. School calls.
 Hair appt: Cancelled.
I did, however, enjoy the drama of rushing into the nurse's office to rescue my poor daughter. I get a pretty sweet parental high from the heroic-ness of it all.
Oh my lily! Are you okay my darling girl!? 
She sat hunched over and pale in the chair, happy to see me and teary eyed about having thrown up in the trash can in front of her class. 

"Don't worry Lu bug, remember how we read when Ramona Quimby threw up in class too?"

She muffled she didn't...she cracked an egg on her head.

"Yes, AND threw about DOUBLE embarrassing and look...she's fine!"...

then Lily threw up again in the gutter before loading into the car.

Laundry time.

Snapped photos of stacks of Lily and London's artwork before saying Adios! and dumping it in the trash. Best fellow mom tip ever: take pics of all of their incoming projects, save them to a folder on your computer and have them all printed in a photo book at the end of year. Genius. Of course you can hold on to those really precious few items, but as for the rest this can help to alleviate the guilt when you finally have no choice but to say your final goodbyes to the cotton ball bearded Santa Claus brown paper bag puppet from 2 years ago.

Lily presented me with two darling pictures yesterday.....
i smiled and expressed my gratitude for her creative eye...
she responded with...

Good! These will cost you ten bucks.

Art swindler!

Evening picnic at the park.

{lils doing much's a pretty mild stomach bug apparently}

All events of the day leading up to the necessity of an evening picnic at the park.

Today's husband/wife text transcript:

Rae: I will not have a nervous breakdown, I will not have a nervous breakdown, I will not have a nervous breakdown

T: What is the matter?

Rae: Throw up, dirty house, Emerson screaming, Ellie throwing tantrum, can't get anything done, animal cookies for lunch even though I need to lose weight, port of subs sandwich from monday smooshed all over floor in laundry room...


Text conversation continued...

T: Have I told you that I love you and you have the hardest job in the world?

Rae: I love you more, have I told you that even though I adore the little squirts u are still the best part of my day?

T: Ditto.


Karrasch Clique said...

I love the picture idea of artwork...genius! Starting that this week...get rid of that stuff! I think you are truly amazing...I like reading about your victories and your "casualties" but honestly, I would say your victories def outweigh the casualties...but look beautiful...have 4 beautiful girls....and a husband who loves you. I'd say you are pretty lucky! Keep up the good work Rae! You rock!

Ashley said...

You are doing an amazing job! You are inspiring :)

Joan said...

Seriously! I agree with ”Karrasch!”
You and your messy braided bun, ray bans, color blocked out fit. You look so good, Rae! Stop making four look easy...I'm going to pop out this nxt one and be a fat, frazzled mess & will call you in hysterics wondering how you did it and you will be all skinny with no roots or signs of previous pregnancy, well slept and sexed! Haha! I'm already all worked up about it!
Well done, my friend of four, Four, FOUR gorgeous girls!

Sarah Gurries said...

You do look great :) Why does something keep preventing you from getting your hair done? The anticipation is killing me. Poor Lily Lu. I am a little concerned for her... I STILL remember when Shanley puked in Katrina's lap in Mrs. Campbell's kindergarten class! Pretty sure she will get through this trial ;)