Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wrap up.

Rainy Day weekend Victories:

 Tent making. What grand pianos are really for. 
Emerson learning to sleep in swing and car-seat.
Ellie's teeth. What? I can claim that.

 Ellie discovering the bliss of sticking her face in front of our bedroom fan.
The Maxi dress. Or what I fondly dubbed: what to wear when you can't button your pants.

So says Lily: Hey Mom! It's a rainy day! And YOU KNOW WHAT WE DO ON RAINY DAYS?...
Best Chocolate Chip cookie recipe ever. Click here. 


Not too many to report actually. Husband was home for the weekend, life is much more manageable under such conditions.

Coming soon: Raecovery.

Up first: hair.

wish me luck.

1 comment:

Joan said...

You already look ”rae-covered” to me?! Geez! You are rocking the maxi! Who cares about pants buttoning when you look super hot!
Hot Mom alert! Woot woot!