Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So Big.

Lily Lu has officially graduated Kindergarten.

{Lils and her much loved Mrs. McPartland}

Geez, you spend so much emotional energy on the build-up prior to them actually beginning kindergarten. I certainly was caught off guard by the fact that such a momentous milestone would actually end. Now that....that, is brutal. What?!! I spent so much time crying over the fact that you actually started kindergarten, and now you tell me you're already graduating?!

What is going on here?!!!

As you will see, it wasn't exactly our best day of pictures.

Note to self: poor Emerson.
Somebody save that baby!

Oh my, how I love this Lily.
So many things about her. 

My Zest For Life Child.
I think she would spend 23 1/2 hours a day riding her bike down the street if permitted. Searching for lizards. Racing the neighborhood kids. Crying out for the ice cream man. The girl is non-stop.

My Smarty Pants Girl.
Who frequently asks me during any 3 minute conversation I manage to squeeze in during the day, "Mom, which is more important? Talking on the phone, or your children?

My Madness is Genius Artist.
We currently have a 9' x 3' banner taped to the wall in our master bedroom. It's her latest masterpiece.  A real work of art in my opinion, but other's might call it random pieces of plastic/garbage/clothespins/pictures/starfish/old t-shirt, all hot glued to a massive piece of butcher paper.

My Helper.
Constantly busy and on the go, but also always aware of the cry of her baby sister, or Ellie Jane climbing too high on a counter-top, or Mom forgetting to button her shirt properly after breastfeeding. What would I do without ya Lu-bug? i always say.

My How-do-I-handle-this-child? Child.
When I came home with my hair dyed a bit darker, she took one look and responded, "I can't believe I'm going to say this, but you are completely ruining my life right now." 
Sometimes in dealing with her I get confused about who I'm talking to. Wait, are you my daughter or my sister or my friend or my superior or a demon sent to test my mental agility and remind me that I. know. nothing. when it comes to parenting? Because I'm currently feeling very insecure about this change in hair color and overall unsure of myself as a human being as I stand before this mere six year-old...so could ya lay off a little?!!! Geez Lily!!!
Tyler has had to intervene a time or two when she and I screech at each other and I demonstrate a play by play run down of How to Land your Child in Therapy in Five Easy Steps.

I like to sneak into her room at night and hug her tightly as she sleeps. I often find myself inhaling her smell, burying my nose into her warm neck and praying...pleading... Help me do right by her. 

She is a gift.

Happy Graduation Lily lu!


Nonna said...
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Joan said...

Such a tender prayer, Rae. I know that feeling so very well.
And despite what you may sometimes think: you are a phenomenal mother.