Wednesday, July 25, 2012

she came with the sunshine.

When she is older, I will tell her two things about the days of her impending birth.

I was nervous. Very nervous.
Like more anxious than I had ever been.


we looked for her with the flowers. 

she was my first spring-time child. Her sisters were all winter babies. it seemed to me God's sign that i indeed needed this refreshment, this new little hope. She would come with the warmth and the renewal of life itself.

given that her sisters had no concept of what nine months even meant, i frequently told them that their baby sister would come when the flowers started popping out of the cold ground and the blossoms sprouted on the trees.

come April, everywhere we would drive the girls would look out the windows and start squealing

Mom! Mom! I shee flowas! I shee flowas on the twees!
 Is my baby coming now??!
Where is my baby?!!

They began to doubt as the days passed.
Until she came...
just like I had promised. 
With sparkly eyes mimicking the clear blue sky to prove it.


Joan said...

She is so perfect, Rae. Such a gift and blessing to you all.

Sarah Gurries said...

I am thinking she looks like her mama. What a dolly doll. She is lucky to have 3 fun sisters :)

amy m. said...

beautifully said Rae.