Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This is not a fashion blog.

{Meal Planning Monday to resume next week...}

So this is in NOOOOOOO conceivable way going to become a wannabe fashion blog. And I LOVE fashion blogs. I appreciate girls with edge and creativity giving their own unique spin on design. And motherhood. I crave seeing other moms and how they dress.
Please for the love of all that is holy teach me how to dress this body and new identity because i am knee deep in mary kay lipstick shades titled raisin rose and big monstrously fluffy hair and am now feeling the urge to purchase denim wear that safely straps in the bulge buttoning a good seven inches ABOVE my navel AND i recently caught myself eyeing a floral jumper at the dress barn because i thought it looked comfortable and could camouflage spit up
 i begged upon those first few postpartum months after the birth of my first.

But me?  Passing along fashion advice
Anytime I take a photo of myself I feel like a complete 
supremo muchocelebritodouchemaximus.

However, when I happen upon fun pep for thy step I am determined to swallow the self-loathing spectator and share the joy. This week features the momband! I like me a little headbandin' in the summer-time.

To keep it from looking too childish, I like to use leather cording or any other such no-frill string.

And if you happen to be a local

and looking for a good

hair stylist




Posh Salon
(775) 826-7674

I love her for working me through my color craze.

And generally insane lifestyle.

Who doesn't need a hair friend like that?


The Mrs. said...

You are beautiful and so fun and creative! And thanks for the referral too..I am still in identity crisis mode. I might just give her a call.


Joan said...

I hope you take this as a compliment bc that is how its intended: I cannot get over how much you look like your beautiful mother with dark hair. It ignites your blue eyes in a striking and stunning way that blonde hair never could. I love it. I happen to love your mom too ;)