Friday, August 10, 2012


 parched, heated skin. illuminated glow and brighter eyes reflected from a straight blue sky, the faint scent of chlorine and salty tears. sleeping children in soppy swimwear lying on each other's shoulders in the back of the car, country music blasting away windows down and breeze whipping throughout. two pounds fresh strawberries. for like two bucks. ice cream. all the ice cream. temperate evenings, sounds of neighbors and lawn mowers and crickets and chatter. there is time, there is. time. the sun retreating hesitantly into a sky painted with the likes of purples and pinks that little misses beg to have alternated on their nails. bikes and baskets. grass. and tomatoes! energy and sunrise and stretching and greetings from light. vigor. adventure. restlessness quenched. brief. beloved.


Joan said...

Eloquent! Magical! I love the way you write! Such a stunning collage too.

PS: check out your awesome cleavage! Hot mom alert!!! Woot woot!

amy m. said...

ditto Joan.