Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ellie Jane's Guide to Being Two.

Aww, my little two year-old.

Mind you, she's not two until November.
It just seems that my children enter the "terrible two's" around 18 months.

 I mean seriously, just look at her:  

So advanced? I think YES.

My sister responded with surprise when I said a two year-old is without a doubt the coolest person in a household. 


there is just something so admirable 

about the complete lack of impulse control

combined with reckless curiosity

and unapologetic individualism

Add to that a hefty dose of willful defiance

that you can't help but smile with respectful pride when they seem to say

Yeah, that's right. I just wrapped the couch in two unraveled packages of dental floss, stripped down naked, removed 97 books from the bookcase, and pee'd in your purse....

What are you gonna do about it?


Mrs. Cropper said...

Ohhh my gosh, I love it. I feel like my Carter is my hardest toddler. Can't decide if that's true or just my current perception/state of life. The climbing up on everything (including the piano!)--really?! is nothing sacred?!

Can I just say...
1. I LOVE your dark hair. Wow. GORGEOUS.
2. I really appreciated your comment on my post the other day. I feel a kinship to you (of course partly because we both love Joanie more than sliced bread but also just because of who you are) and I was so grateful for your validation. And because it came from you--who are always honest and real--I knew you weren't just blowing smoke up my skirt (or however that phrase goes), but giving me honest feedback. So thanks for that. It really made me feel like it's worth sharing things in my little space.


christilee said...

i'm chuckling!!!!

Emily said...

hahahaha!.....and pee'd in your purse......So sad, but SO funny!