Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ideas and linkage.

Currently reading THIS.

Fashioning my half-wet/showered hair like THIS:

Fascinated by THIS.

Plan on baking THESE.
{thanks Natalie & Lenaya!: HOLY YUMMY}

Spending lots of summer evenings HERE:

Working with Lily and London on THESE.

Grateful for a life spent with THIS:

Reflecting on THIS.

Exhausted by THIS.
Enamored by THIS.


Joan said...

You are so cute. I love how often you post. It gives me something fun to look at while I endure the sheer mayhem that surrounds me while the boys play at the McDonalds play place.
I cannot tell you how much I relate to the Ellie situation. Benson is into EVERYTHING!!! This morning I was desperately trying to get out the door when I found Benson furiously ripping tampons open and throwing them down the stairs. It looked like our stairway was infested with white baby mice! Haha.
PS: I love that you love the Eyres as much as I do :)

Katy Nicole. said...

Love the lipstick and turquoise with your dark hair!I agree with Joan's comment above..you are so cute!!

Alexis said...

O.K. so my 2nd favorite thing about this post.... after my favorite photo of this post being Ellie belle standing on the counter - is the naked Barbie butt crack showing on the kitchen counter...It just sums it all up!
Love MOM