Monday, August 20, 2012

Meal Planning Mondays: 8 years.

Sorry folks, it's our 8 year anniversary today and consequently there will be no recipes posted.
Feel free to exit now.

Instead I'm posting Saturday's celebration.

This is what I look like when I realize I'm off to spend a full 12 hours with my husband free from childcare responsibilities:

We drove up to Tahoe to enjoy the day outdoors. The previous two anniversaries I have been pregnant. I'm going to pause for a moment of silence while you let that sink in.
And we're back.

We went kayaking! 
{Thanks Dan & Ali!}

Hiked through the gloriously fresh air and mountains 
to our own private little beach cove....

Got a little rained on...

Climbed around on the rocks....

Hung out in Tahoe City, 
browsed shops and the art festival

Ate, ate, and ate some more.

Enjoyed a romantic dinner on the water...

And returned home to some squealing little girls who were 
over the moon
out of control
to show us some special art work they had worked on
with the help of Auntie Mal

we also learned that Auntie Mal had taken all FOUR of them to 
the movies that afternoon. BY HERSELF.
We began drawing up the paperwork, immediately bequeathing our children to her because obviously she was a better single teenage parent than these two adult parents combined.

It was a perfect day.

{love you tyler.
happy anniversary to the sexiest best friend ever.}


Emily said...

Oh man! Please send Mallory here, like now!!!! And congratulations!

Joan said...

You are so, so beautiful, Rae. Seriously.
I looooove your lip gloss color! What is it and who makes it?
This post makes me happy. I'm so glad you and Tyler found each other.
Happy Anniversary, you two love birds :)