Thursday, August 16, 2012

no shame in that.

I was asked to help with a friend of a friend's wedding flowers a few weeks ago.I like to get my creative juices flowing, plus making a little extra cash doesn't hurt.She needed fast, simple flowers on a major budget. 

I give you $75 worth of Costco flowers:

Her colors were grape purple and white.
Maid of Honor and flower girls were wearing purple, Bride in white.
Here's what I came up with:

 { 1 Maid-of-Honor bouquet}

As I sat in my kitchen up to my elbows in floral tape and insanity, I reflected.

Weddings are a big bunch of total bull crap.

Yes, I admit it. I feel this way often.
The pomp and circumstance gets SO. OVER. THE. TOP.
I've learned that nothing is more 
than when someone states they want something to look

It's such a facade we women can put on. Wanting things to look as though we didn't obsess over every single detail. It's a lie.

But this bride: I loved that she wanted some flowers. Any flowers. For under $100. Period.
I admired that sort of genuine simplicity.

 {seven flower girl bouquets}

And while I think that weddings can be a bunch of bullhunkydory in their focus, I love witnessing a MARRIAGE form. So beautiful.

And really when I think of it, a marriage is worthy of much celebration and pomp and circumstance. So fine, I guess a marriage could rightfully deserve a wedding.

 {seven boutonnieres}

You just begin to wonder at what point does the pomp and circumstance intended to celebrate the marriage start to overshadow the actual marriage itself?

When did it become necessary to spend half your life's earnings {or parents' earnings} in order to declare your love and commitment to someone? Does a wedding with $100 worth of flowers signify any less love than one with $10,000 worth of flowers?

 {two mothers' corsage pins}

Sometimes reality comes in conflict with the celebration. And that's O.K. Wonderful even! Because by gosh golly, the perfect definition of an actual marriage over time could be

reality conflicting with your celebration.

And when the reality comes crashing in: the budgets and bills and temperaments and babies and  exhaustion and tragedies and schedules and sicknesses and demands and responsibilities
the most important question becomes

will you still find yourselves celebrating?

{Bride's bouquet}

So when I see a girl moving forward with marriage despite a more modest wedding band, sparse wedding decor, a quick trip to the courthouse, or lack of funds for a decent honeymoon....I think: right on. so romantic. completely awesome.

Still worth celebrating.


Bethy said...

Rae, You are absolutely adorable. They turned out so fabulous.

Joan said...

Couldn't agree more!
The flowers are stunning! I looove the boutonnieres! & for less than $100!? Awesome.