Thursday, September 6, 2012


1. My iphone has 23 million photos taken by my children. And 21 million videos. They are obsessed with sneaking off with my phone. What i find later is mostly incoherent shaking dizzy footage that films a lot of the ground and feet running with plenty of yelling. I skim through most of them on a night when Tyler is out of town and I've forgotten the concept of productivity. I laugh in my bed out loud deciphering the spats, the jumbled words, and the cute lisps. Sometimes I find a real gem. I viewed one installment of Lily pulling on London's seatbelt in the car. London was squirming and fighting against the pressure of the tightening seatbelt. I was in and out loading things as we prepared to leave. London wailed. There was lots of scuffling and ground footage and I heard it: whack! London gave it to Lily, real good.

Lily cried and screamed, Ow You JERK!
London promptly tattled as I returned to the vehicle: MOM, LILY JUS CALLED ME A JEWK!
Mom: Lily, we don't call people mean words.
Lily lied: No i didn't! I was calling MYSELF a jerk.
Mom: Still not okay. We aren't MEAN TO OURSELVES either.


Now if that wasn't just a golden nugget of parental advice, i don't know what is, i congratulated myself. never mind that, like two ships passing in the night,, none of the other madness was addressed.

I'm so bummed, I don't have that video anymore. I've got to record some of this important stuff.
Important to me at least, completely unbiased objective mother that I am.

Favorite iphoto of the week:
Lily captures Emerson's morning blow out.
Thanks, Lil.

2. Let's give this the EXCITING caption:
 London in her room.

3. Uncle Alex and Jocelyn took the big girls on an outing last week. They are still talking about it. Just look at the invites to see why:

Ty and I took advantage of the time left with only our two babies for the day.
We went shopping.
because we were like
  oh wow shopping with only two babies is like so totally easy oh my gosh.

Love them. 

And that's a wrap!


Joan said...

I will never get over Londons voice. It is perfect.
I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that you have 4 children?!?!

Melissa said...

oh my goodness those invites are so cute! i love that idea! i need family to do that for us too! =) and your pic of the week was seriously hilarious. so glad you got to capture that moment forever. so fun to see you last week, you've got some cutee kiddies!

Katy Nicole. said...

I love how "pwitty" London's room is :) so cute!!!