Tuesday, September 18, 2012


1. corn fields.

2. kind, generous friends. (thanks nat!)

3. little girl in pink boots

4. evening street play.

5. turning seasons

7. craigslist gem.
new table, 
 solid, weathered wood
well made but not too bulky
straight-back colonial style seats
insanely cheap.
like INSANELY cheap, as in i even embarrassed the 
good name of the craigslist down and dirty anonymous bargaining system
with my painfully low offer

and i got it!


Katy Nicole. said...

Good work on the table!! Also..I love what you wrote on your Monday post, spoke to me big time!

Artfulife said...

Super cute! Will you be painting the chairs?

amy m. said...

Love the table/chairs!! Where did you get the bistro markers/chalkboards?

rae said...

Amo: amazon! I actually posted the link if you click on the words in the post. :)