Monday, October 15, 2012

Meal Planning Mondays: emerson suggests...

peeps, i got nothin'.
i haven't been cooking for two weeks.

why? you ask?
because hubs has been out of town for like. ever. [practically]

this mostly means lots of take-out, bumming off of grandparents, mac&cheese
and overall subpar parenting.

hopefully next monday i will have some successful new recipes to share. my site meter tells me this is a popular day of my blog post week, i must not disappoint! because as tyler and i discussed last week's meal planning title: rodeos and pumpkins....this is clearly a riveting and compelling read. ;)

soOoooO... instead today i'll leave you with an idea from emerson lady.

go find and enjoy yourself a nice toe sandwich.

[she kindly shares hers with me.]

happy monday.


Katy Nicole. said...

First of all I love Emerson-she is such a happy little one! Also... I am not at all disappointed that you did not have recipes this week...since I am too busy making your sweet potato and chicken soup recipe over and over and over. It's the best! Hope you have a wonderful week Rae!

Joan said...

I'll take a chubby, naked, blue eyed Emerson for my meal please!