Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On her way...

Mornings aren't exactly a party in our home. It's a wild mixture of preparation, rushing, reminding, prodding, pushing, fighting, half-sleeping, cartoon watching, tooth brush procrastinating,
and one little miss
go to school.

 Believe it or not, we've endured the same struggle since early preschool days. But this girl actually LOVES SCHOOL. LOVE LOVES it. 
She was just awarded STUDENT OF THE MONTH at the student assembly for the trimester end. Now how's that for a little model citizen?!!!Woot woot!!
Was I the weird parent openly crying in the audience...explaining to anyone within a 1 foot radius that if only they had known her shenanigans at age three they would fully grasp the magnitude of this sort of miraculous event ? hhm not sure maybe i don't think so can't remember yes.

But despite any of that, she frequently protests just as we pull up to the curb each day.
I really think it just comes down to the initial separation. That first moment when she must step away from the car, from me, from her sisters. It's a bunch of crazy mayhem (i mean who wouldn't want a break? come on lily! i'll trade you!), but hey: it's ours

One morning, in an effort to build her confidence I requested in a morning prayer that the "angels would surround Lily" to help her during her day.
She loved that.
Now she often requests "the prayer with the angels in it".

and so I say it 

again and again.

 For her.

but really, for ME.

I always have. I don't know if the day will ever come, no matter how many mornings we repeat this same scene, when it won't feel like a little bit of a spontaneous gut punch heart combusting love washover each time i watch her run away with her over-sized backpack.

Dear Almighty, let the angels surround her. 

And then, she'll turn and flash me the Biebs* heart...

and prance away....

After which I yet again work to regather my consciousness, 
sop my sappy heart slowly back into its exploded shell,
 and turn to notice Ellie Jane stuffing cheerios up her nose.

* Justin Bieber. we're big lady fans. unfortunately. ;)


amo said...

I love her leopard outfit and Biebs heart. Great post.

Joan said...

Made me laugh at loud in the bathroom stall of the gym when I saw her flash you the JBiebs heart!!! :) Love it!

Casady said...

Melt my heart!