Tuesday, October 9, 2012


6 months old. wow.

as bald as can be.
as blue-eyed as can be.
as loved as can be.

my sweet, sweet little emerson
i adore her pokey ears
and could happily live burrowed in the folds of her neck
surviving on the rolls accumulating on her upper thighs for sustenance.

just how does a mama get so lucky?

beats the heck outta me.
{but i'll take it. I'LL TAKE IT.}

1 comment:

Joan said...

SIX months?! It feels like yesterday when you called me in a panic because you ”thought” you were pregnant :-)
It's a darn good thing that it is all worth it. She is beautiful, Rae. You have perfected the art of making little girls... I think it is time for you to see what you can do in the boy department. Not now... But it sometime in the future ;)