Friday, November 30, 2012

The World's Most Comprehensive Photo Journal of a Family Adventure (eeek!): PART TWO.

yep!!! That's right! 

Thanks to an overly generous outrageously magical wonderful so exciting early Christmas present from two very special Santas:

this crew headed down to a favorite Mexican oasis!

{and don't worry, lily just wants you to believe she could be drowning. homegirl is a FISH}

and you'll have to forgive the wide-eyed touristy binge on pictures.

i couldn't help myself. and seeing as this is the only official family record i keep up on, this is a no-holds-barred documentation. you've been warned! 

the resort.


the last time i was in Cabo was seven years ago. I was barely prego with my first child and BARFING UP THE PLACE. I cried one day at a restaurant and I saw this couple holding a baby. I thought, well that will be nice. Maybe one day i'll come back with a baby.



the digs...

the views....!


we loved having quality time with our peeps...

our ride around the resort....

which was one of london's highlights.

mom...i don't want to walk to the pool. can i jus call a cawt (cart)? 
my belly is hurding (hurting)...
my feet are ti-ed (tired)...
i feel sleepy...

it was so, sooo fun.


(and sorry, still not done yet)

Thanksgiving dinner coming right up!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

i'm baaaack! Presenting The World's Most Comprehensive Photo Journal of a Family Adventure (eeek!): PART ONE.

did ya miss me did ya miss me?!!!! it feels good to be back in action! and i have just a few, i dunno, million or so pictures i'm planning to abuse the blog with this week.
first up, day one of our family getaway:

our impending flight that would whisk us away to somewhere sunny was leaving from San Francisco. We arrived a day early so we could spend time with our favorite little San Franciscan family:

The Gurries clan
 (my sister Sarah and hubby Christopher and edible baby Sawyer)

their cute apartment...

we had the honor of watching soyboy for just a few hours
a job which we haack ladies took very. seriously.

later we hit up the standard sights. 
it was rainy and misty.
how perfect! i love this city.

notice london's finest on display? just another day in london's neighborhood.

title: beast child.

and finally, we cozied up inside a restaurant and enjoyed piping hot bread bowls of clam chowder

and took lots of photos of all those cute babies. SISTER has a BABY!!!!! i'm not going to lie... at first i was slightly looking forward to the whole initiation into motherhood phase for her. you know, the one that involves various forms of involuntary body fluid leakage. crusty hair. emotional meltdowns.
 but homegirl is throwin' motherhood down.  
and damn it, i kinda like it.

oh fine, it is completely awesome.

and thus we conclude the San Francisco chapter.

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